Ritual Preparation

Color Magic

Colors can be used in Magic to increase or define the power of a spell, or to symbolize specific material things or concepts. Color can be brought into your workings in the form of a particular robe that you wear for certain types of magic, altar cloths, candles, flowers or inks; or you can use pure visualization to bring them into your consciousness before, during, or immediately following a rite, as appropriate.

The Elements

The Elements play an enormous role in the natural magick that most pagans use. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. They are more than physical elements, more than what we see and feel, they are symbolic of both physical, spiritual and emotional attributes. Take the time to contemplate them. What does Earth mean to you? What about Water, Fire, Air? Consider these elements in their physical form first, then see what spiritual and emotional aspects you attribute to them. All the elements have certain characteristics, but maybe they will have a deeper meaning to you once you've explored your insights and feelings concerning them.

Druid Tools of Magic

The sacred tools of the Druids have been around for thousands of years. Druid tools are not only magical, they are also practical. The Druid tools consists of the Wand, Rod, Cord, Egg, Sickle, Robe and Crane Bag. Druids Tools are a conduit of the users inner and outer powers. In other words, energies and usage comes from within the person.

Witchcraft Tools of Magic

The sacred tools of the Witch have been around for thousands of years and exactly which ones, if any, to use are solely up to the practitioner. Tools are used as a focus of the powers and energies of the user. Some need nothing at all and others require very elaborate rituals. Irregardless of which variation a witch may fall under in the end the individual should do what feels right to themselves.