Symbol for Leo

Leo Personality Overview (July 23 - August 21)

Leo is the Fifth House (sign) of the Zodiac. The Fifth House is that of pleasure and is related to children, but it is also associated with any type of childlike activity. Even grown-ups need to play which is a function of the Fifth House. All self-expression and creativity comes from this sector. This is also the House of Romantic Love which can truly be called the House of Enjoyment.

  • Ruling Planet: Sun
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Age: Every stage of life
  • Cross: Fixed
  • Pole: Positive
  • Third: Individual
  • Half: Subjective
  • Aspect: Yang - Masculine
  • Birthstones: OnyxBlack-Onyx
    , CarnelianCarnelian.jpg
    , SardonyxSardonyx.jpg
    , Golden TopazGolden-Topaz.jpg
    Golden Topaz
    , TourmalineYellow-Tourmaline
    Yellow Tourmaline
  • Planetary Stone: Rock CrystalRock-Crystal
    Rock Crystal
  • Talismanic Stone: DiamondDiamond
  • Flowers and Herbs: Marigold, Sunflower, Hops
  • Tree: Willow
  • Color: Gold, Yellow, Blood Red, Green
  • Metal: Gold
  • Bird: Peacock, Cock, Eagle
  • Animal: Lion, Wolf, Griffin
  • Lucky Day: Sunday
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 9, 11, 26, 31
  • Tarot Card: Strength
  • Keywords: creativity, proud, speculative, honorable, confident, flamboyant, and dramatic

Leo is the lion, a symbol that represents Leo very well. They possess a kingdom which they protest and cherish. Leo’s are highly esteemed, honorable, and are very devoted to others and themselves. A Leo’s kingdom could be anything from work to home to a partner, whatever it is, you rule it. A Leo is always center stage and full of flair - they enjoy basking in the spotlight. A Leo always makes their presence known. Leo are full of energy that acts like a magnet for other people. Others are attracted to Leo's wit, charm, and what they have to say for they speak of things grand and very interesting.

Leo will never settle for second best. They want only the best which can cause lavish, excessive spending habits as they enjoy their life of luxury, which is all too easily justified by the grand and magnificent Leo! Public image is very important to Leo, with luxurious possessions and ways of life, this keeps the public image in high standing. They will do whatever it takes to protect their own reputation.

Leos are very generous, kind and openhearted people. If a Leo is crossed, they will strike back with force but they are not one to hold a grudge, they easily forgive, forget and move on. Leos are always trying to make things right in the world, they have larger than life emotions and they need to feel like they have accomplished something at the end of the day. They react to situations with action instead of sitting back and thinking about it. They are not impulsive however because they look at the future and consider consequences of their actions.

Leos are extremely sensitive but they hide that very well. Leos love praise and flattery - their egos demand respect and adoration. Leo is all about pride. This can cause them to be self-centered at times but the warmth of the Leo heart keeps it under control. If Leo's audience (otherwise known as their friends) do not provide the needed appreciation, Leo is too proud to ask for it and they will suffer a hurt ego, but no one will ever know and they will suffer in silence. The secret of the Leo is that they need to be needed.

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